The Wit and Wisdom of Cornellians

The right of Big Red Bears to babble shall not be infringed

The Wit and Wisdom of Cornellians

The right of Big Red Bears to babble shall not be infringed

The Great Leap Backward

by Owen Jessies

We are proud that our beloved Cornell University is taking the Great Leap Backward in the same way that China took the Great Leap Forward in 1958. During the Great Leap Forward, ideological purity rather than expertise was emphasized. The famine that resulted from the Great Leap Forward was a small price to pay in order to achieve enlightened ideological purity.

Since physical and mental skills such as hard work and objective, rational linear thinking that leads to expertise are now known to be signs of whiteness, we are particularly pleased that this Great Leap Backward is taking place at our beloved alma lactating person.

We are especially proud of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, which is dedicated to redesigning 21st century agri-food systems, is not just talking the talk of social justice but is walking the walk with its new cohort hires:

In fall 2021, Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) led a new cluster hire initiative leveraging our existing strengths and transdisciplinary leadership in solution-based physical and/or social sciences to explicitly address systemic challenges facing historically and habitually marginalized and disadvantaged communities. We established a network of scholars committed to pursuing research, teaching, extension and outreach on race, racism, ethnicity, social justice, power and equality structures in their various fields of specialization.

The new faculty will join our nationally and internationally recognized tenure-granting departments and/or School of Integrative Plant Science, contributing to research and teaching or extension curriculum in a way that leverages existing strengths while building unique and collaborative opportunities and programs that include community engagement with a focus on equity and justice.

We salute this move towards achieving ideological purity!!!

This is indeed progress!!!


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