The Wit and Wisdom of Cornellians

The right of Big Red Bears to babble shall not be infringed

The Wit and Wisdom of Cornellians

The right of Big Red Bears to babble shall not be infringed

Antisemitism and George Soros

There has been a lot of confusion lately about whether Jews should be considered a minority group, and if so, what constitutes antisemitism.

First of all, do Jews have minority status?

In a way, but since there are fewer Palestinians (14.3 million) than Jews (14.6-17.8 million), Jews as an ethnic group do not merit minority status. The only Jews who can claim minority status in a socially just way are those who are not religious, who do not believe in God, who support the boycott of Israel, who fund anti-Israel groups, and who blame antisemitism on Israel.

The bottom line is at the only Jew who should be considered as being part of an historically marginalized community is George Soros (born György Schwartz). Although perhaps we should include close members of his family such as Daisy M. Soros, who is on Weill Cornell Medicine Board of Overseers. (Overseers? Really? But it’s OK. She is a Soros).

What about antisemitism?

Antisemitism should only be defined as an attack against George Soros. Currently, the misinformation waged against George Soros is nothing but patent antisemitism perpetuated by hateful Republicans:

“Soros-backed,” “Soros-financed” and “Soros DA” have become much-peddled phrases in Republican circles, perpetuating the conspiracy theory that Bragg operated at the direction of the billionaire.

Let’s face it. “[t]he”Soros-backed” trope is a longstanding anti-semitic dog whistle that’s popular on the right.”

Rhetoric from the right linking Soros — like a boogeyman — to causes they largely disagree with is nothing new. Soros has for decades been the target of such made-up plots, which experts in Jewish history and extremism say stems from age-old antisemitic conspiracy theories that Jews have undue global influence and power.

The truth is there is only one sordid reason for why attacks on George Soros are constantly trending, and it is not because of his money or his politics.

It is because he is Jewish.

Conspiracy theorists such as Roseanne Barr and supporters of the former president whose name we shall not mention claim that Soros collaborated with the Nazis. This is no way to treat a social justice warrior and Holocaust survivor whose Open Society Justice Initiative uses the law to promote and defend justice and human rights.

The fact checkers conclude that George Soros never collaborated with the Nazis. Nevertheless, George Soros did survive the Nazis. Unlike Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Sophie Scholl, and Hans Scholl, who were all executed, George Soros had a strong sense of self preservation. His father Tivadar Soros wrote about George and his “godfather” Miklós Prohászka (a.k.a Baufluss) in Masquerade: The Incredible True Story of How George Soros’ Father Outsmarted the Gestapo:

Baufluss was charged by the ministry with inventorying confiscated Jewish estates. He was home only at weekends; the rest of his time he spent taking inventory in the provinces…George also met several other ministry officials, who immediately took a liking to the young man, the alleged godson of Mr Baufluss. He even helped with the inventory. Surrounded by good company, he quickly regained his spirits.

While Tivadar Soros claimed that George helped draw up an inventory of the stolen property, George said in an interview with Steve Kroft in 1998, “I was only a spectator.”  but added,  “Somebody else would be taking it away anyhow.”  Clearly, because he was Jewish, George Soros suffered at the hand of Nazis. And now the racist white supremacist Republican fascists are still trying to make George Soros suffer for being an antiracist and supporting prosecutors who fight for social justice.

George Soros maintains that he did not contribute to Alvin Bragg’s campaign. So lay off the antisemitic dog whistles, stop the lying, and let George Soros create his Platonic vision of a perfect world for all of us who are not as smart is George Soros, himself.

Full Disclosure: The Babbling Bear was born Babbling Bearstein and is not now nor ever was related, distantly or otherwise, to the Berenstain Bears…


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